Manogyam Wet and Dry Silicone Glove (Free Size)

Discover the convenience of our Manogyam Wet and Dry Silicone Gloves. This product package includes one pair of silicone gloves designed for various tasks. Whether it’s handling hot dishes, cleaning, grooming your pet, or even washing fruits and vegetables, these gloves are up for the job.


Our silicone gloves are non-slip and heat-resistant, ensuring your safety while working with hot items. They effectively protect your hands from heat, chemicals, and dirt, making them ideal for various applications. The gloves are comfortable to wear and have multipurpose uses.


  • Used as silicone oven gloves below 320℉
  • Insulated cleaning gloves.
  • Used as pet bathing gloves/pet grooming gloves
  • Better massage effect.
  • Used to clean vegetables and fruits.
  • The soft brush can effectively clean the car, Does not scratch the car while

Note: These gloves come in assorted colors, and the color you receive will depend on availability. Please note that this product is non-returnable.


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