Multi-Function Washable Dust Mop, Floor Cleaning Slippers

Introducing our Multi-Function Washable Dust Mop Slippers – the convenient and fun way to clean your floors. These slippers are designed for comfort and efficiency. Simply wear them, and you can clean your floors effortlessly while walking around your home. They are perfect for picking up dust, dirt, and even pet hair.

Product Details

  • Washable Dust Mop Slippers Shoes Cover
  • Soft Washable Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Mop Slippers
  • Great for dust, dirt, and pet hair
  • One size fits most
  • Convenient and Multi-functional

How to Use

  1. Wear them on your shoes or bare feet and walk around the house while listening to music or reading.
  2. Add them to a wet foam mop head for cleaning floors, stairs, or windows.
  3. Use them with car washing foam for a gentle car wash that won’t harm your vehicle’s paint.


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