Wall Mounted Holder for Sanitizer Water Bottle and Others (Set of 4)

Introducing the Wall-Mounted Holder for Sanitizer Water Bottle and Others – a versatile solution for keeping your bottles and items neatly organized. This set includes four wall-mounted holders designed for convenience and space-saving storage.

Package Contents

The package contains four pieces of wall-mounted holders suitable for various items.

Material and Color

These holders are constructed from stainless steel and plastic, ensuring durability and longevity. They come in an elegant silver color that complements any decor.


Each holder measures 7.8cm in length, 5.5cm in breadth, and 5.5cm in height. They are compact and fit seamlessly into your space.

Combo/Set Of

This set includes four wall mounted holders for bottles and other items, providing excellent value for your needs.

Wall-Mounted Holder


The Wall-Mounted Holder is designed for easy installation on smooth, airtight, oil-free, or non-humid hard surfaces. The stronger and smoother the surface, the better the adhesion. These holders use strong viscose for attachment, with each hook capable of supporting up to 3 kilograms of weight, making them suitable for various household needs.

The shower gel bottle rack is nail-free and diamond-free, preventing marks or damage to your walls. It’s waterproof, ensuring your items stay secure even in wet conditions. You can use it to hang shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, and more, optimizing vertical space and keeping your bathroom tidy.

These holders are suitable for bottle mouth diameters less than 33mm, with bottle cap diameters outside 33mm. Keep your essentials within easy reach and maintain an organized living space.


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