Soap Drainer for Bathroom, Easy Clothes Washier, Soap Cleaning Storage Foaming Box, 1pcs (CS-2244048)

Introducing the Soap Drainer for Bathroom, an essential accessory for keeping your soap clean and within reach. This soap drainer comes with a transparent soap tray, soap saver box case, and a bubbler for easy use.

Package Contents

Each package includes 1 Soap Cleaning Storage Foaming Box made of durable plastic. The color may vary based on availability. The dimensions of the soap drainer are as follows: Length – 12 cm, Breadth – 8 cm, Height – 8 cm. This pack consists of 1 soap drainer.

Unique Design

This soap drainer is designed to solve common problems associated with soap usage. It prevents soap from slipping out of your hand, and the built-in roller evenly lathers and spreads soap over clothes or other items. The quick-drain feature helps keep your soap dry and the surrounding area clean.


This soap drainer serves multiple purposes. It’s not only a soap storage container but also a foaming box. With a simple turn of the soft rubber roller, you can generate rich and dense foam, making it easier to clean and maintain hygiene.

Exclusive Features

The soap drainer has a hollow bottom design for ventilation and drainage, ensuring sanitation. The inner spring has high elasticity and a high shrinkage design, allowing you to place the soap on the soft rubber roller at any time.

Perfect Size

Measuring approximately 2.6×2.8×4.8 inches, this silicone soap drainer is suitable for most soap sizes. It combines washing and storage into one convenient tool, enabling fast lathering and versatile soap usage.