Sneaker Cleaner Wipes, Instant Shoe Cleaning Solution (CS-2386432)

Introducing Sneaker Cleaner Wipes – the ultimate solution for keeping your sneakers spotless and fresh. Each pack contains quick wipes that provide a faster, more powerful, and convenient way to clean your shoes whenever you need it. With these wipes, you don’t need water or tissues—your shoes will be totally refreshed in no time.

Powerful Premium Cleaning Solution

Our sneaker cleaner wipes are powered by a combination of RO Pure Water and a premium cleaning solution, effectively removing various marks, stains, and dirt from your shoes. These wipes work not only for sneakers but also for leather items like jackets and bags, making them versatile and handy.

Excellent Cleaner Wipes

These wipes offer strong detergency, making it easy to remove dirt buildup from your shoes. They are suitable for a wide range of shoes, including white, running, basketball, football, and mesh shoes. These wipes are designed to cause no harm during usage thanks to their multiple-layer technology (not suitable for suede shoes).

One-Step Cleaning

Our sneaker cleaner wipes offer a one-step cleaning solution. Simply wipe your shoes, and you’re done—no need for water or tissues. Your shoes will look as good as new.

Convenient to Use

These wipes are disposable and come in a well-designed box with a cover to protect the ingredients from damage. You can keep them in your travel bag, office, car, or at home to clean your shoes whenever you want. Say goodbye to dirty sneakers with Sneaker Cleaner Wipes.

Package Includes

Each pack contains 1 Sneaker Cleaner Wipes (Color: WHITE).


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