Hydro Jet Shower High Pressure Handheld Turbo Fan Shower (CS-2276270)

Upgrade your shower experience with our Hydro Jet Shower. This innovative handheld turbo fan shower is designed for high-pressure cleaning, ensuring a thorough and efficient wash. The package contains 1 piece of the Hydro Jet Shower, offering a powerful and invigorating shower experience.

Key Features:

  • High-quality materials: The Hydro Jet-Shower features an innovative design with universal 360-degree rotation. It’s crafted from environmentally friendly and durable ABS material with a stainless steel panel, making it easy to install and clean.
  • Turbocharged design: This shower head uses a unique turbocharged design, creating a fan turbocharged water flow. The powerful water jet mode effortlessly cleans away soap bubbles and hair in seconds, making it an excellent choice for pet showers as well.
  • Water-saving mode: The vortex shower head incorporates an independent switch design that allows you to turn the water on or off and adjust the water volume. This convenient feature lets you control the flow with ease—press the switch on the nozzle handle to stop the water or adjust the size of the water volume.
  • Filtration system: Our Hydro Jet-Shower is equipped with three PP cotton filters for water purification. These filters effectively remove most impurities in the water, enhancing the health and safety of your family’s skin.
  • Easy installation: Installing the Hydro Jet-Shower is a breeze—no need to hire a plumber. Simply connect it to any G1/2 threaded shower hose. It’s compatible with most hoses, brackets, or shower attachment arms.

Elevate your shower experience with the Hydro-Jet Shower. Get ready to enjoy a revitalizing and efficient shower that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.


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