Disposable Handy Wipe Cleaning Cloth Roll (1pc)

Introducing the Disposable Handy Wipe Cleaning Cloth Roll – the perfect solution for keeping your space clean and environmentally friendly. This roll contains 1 disposable cleaning cloth. The color of the cloth may vary depending on availability, and each roll has a weight of 200 grams.

Additional Information

  • Save a lot of money on paper towels by using these. These cleaning wipes are 100% tree-free and biodegradable, offering a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based paper towels. They are great to have in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more.
  • These handy wipes are 3 times more absorbent than regular cloth and paper towels, reducing the number you need to use for cleaning up messes and spills. They also dry quickly, preventing the development of unpleasant odors often found in dishcloths or sponges, ensuring a fresh and healthy environment.
  • These multi-purpose cloths are convenient for various uses. They can handle spills, cabinet cleaning, dishwashing, countertop wiping, and cleaning up messes. The textured surface is excellent for scrubbing and trapping greasy films, yet they are soft to the touch.
  • These versatile cloths can be used for washing dishes, scrubbing, trapping greasy films, window cleaning, and more. They are designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and more effective.

Package Contents

Each package contains 1 Disposable Handy Wipe Cleaning Cloth Roll. Please note that the color may vary based on availability.


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