Glass Coating Defog Spray

Introducing Glass Coating Defog Spray, your solution for maintaining crystal-clear glass surfaces. This package contains one piece of Glass-Coating Defog Spray, designed to repel water and enhance the visibility and durability of automotive glass surfaces.

Key Features

  • Water Repellent: This ultra-hydrophobic anti-fog glass-coating spray is ideal for car and bike glass and windshields. It repels water to improve optical clarity, especially during rainy and harsh weather conditions.
  • Advanced Technology: The spray works at a molecular level, thanks to nanoparticles that strongly bond with glass and windshields, ensuring long-lasting effects and added hardness.
  • Enhanced Visibility & Durability: By improving the clarity of automotive glass surfaces, this spray enhances safety on the road.

Package Contents

  • 1 piece of Glass-Coating Defog Spray
  • Weight: 300 grams


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