Dustpan Brush Cleaner Carpet Mattress Cloth Tool Vacuum Dirt Cleaner

Introducing the Dustpan Brush Cleaner – a must-have tool for keeping your carpets, mattresses, and cloth surfaces spotless. This handy cleaner is also suitable for vacuuming dirt and debris. With its compact design, it’s easy to store and use whenever needed.

Package Contents

The package contains 1 piece of the Dustpan Brush-Cleaner. It’s a convenient tool for quick cleanups and maintenance.

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions (L x B x H in cm): 15 x 15 x 5 cm. The compact size ensures easy handling and storage.


This cleaner is made of durable plastic, ensuring long-lasting use. It can withstand regular cleaning tasks without wear and tear.


The color of the cleaner may vary based on availability. You’ll receive a color that’s ready to tackle your cleaning needs.

Combo/Set Of

This is a pack of 1 Dustpan Brush Cleaner, providing a single, efficient cleaning solution.


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