Dust Pan & Broom Set (Stand Up Broom Head And Dust Pan Combo)

This Dust Pan & Broom Set is a must-have for maintaining a tidy living space. The set includes one Dust Pan and one Broom, both made from durable plastic.

Product Details

  • Package Contains: 1 Dust Pan and 1 Broom
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: Broom – 48 Inches, Dust Pan – 46 Inches
  • Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1

Dust Pan & Broom Set


Adjustable Height: The height is 35.43 inches when installing two tubes, making it suitable for various heights without the need to bend over. Say goodbye to inconveniently short brooms! This lobby broom is extra-tall at 35.43 inches, ensuring you never have to bend down again. The long broomstick also allows you to reach every corner and spot, even under the couch, so you can keep your space spotless.

Dustpan Teeth With Double Side Scraper: This broom and dustpan set feature built-in comb teeth with a double-sided scraper, making it easy to get rid of pet fluff, long hair, or other debris with a simple pull on the teeth. No need to drag stubborn garbage by hand anymore, making your cleaning tasks easy and enjoyable.

Smart Space-Saving Design: The broom snaps into the dustpan for upright storage, helping you keep your house clean and tidy. The clip-on feature makes the broom and dustpan upright for a perfect space-saver. The smart design of the broom and dustpan set is ideal for small storage closets, as it is compact and maximizes space-saving. The broom can snap onto the dustpan for upright storage, and it is also foldable for easier storage and transportation.


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