Dashboard Polish & Leather Conditioner 2in1 Cleaner (CS-2378357)

Introducing Dashboard Polish & Leather Conditioner 2in1 Cleaner for All Cars and Bike. This versatile product is designed to dry to the touch, leaving a rich matte finish on plastic, rubber, and leather seats. It’s perfect for car care, car accessories, and automotive products, offering 500ML (1) of quality conditioning.

Each package contains 1 Leather Conditioner made of foam. To achieve the best results, make sure your dashboard is cool and clean, free from dust, and apply the dresser in the shade.

This product offers superior protection against UV rays and fading. It effectively restores gloss to plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces, including dashboards, door panels, and trims. The non-greasy formula ensures it doesn’t attract dust, and its unique formulation provides a higher gloss while making it easy for DIY application.

Additionally, the pleasant fragrance of this cleaner adds to its appeal, making it a joy to use. Please note that this product is non-returnable.


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