Detergent Gel 1Kg Clothes Detergent Fragrance Gel (CS-2203277)

Introducing Detergent Gel, the perfect solution for your laundry needs. This package contains 1Kg of Detergent Gel designed to provide a thorough and refreshing wash for your clothes. With a long-lasting fragrance that lingers on your fabrics, your clothes will smell great for up to 72 hours after the laundry.

About this item

  • DISINFECTS CLOTHES: Detergents help in removing dirt, Savlon Laundry Disinfectant kills germs including Virus, Fungi, bacteria
  • REFRESHES CLOTHES: Conditioner that kills odor-causing bacteria and leaves clothes with a fresh and blossom-like fragrance that lasts up to 72 hrs after the laundry
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: Tested to be gentle and safe on clothes. Does not contain bleach
  • Can be used post washing with Washing Powder or Liquid detergent. Can be used for Bucket Wash and in Washing Machines; *Basis Lab study on Sample Microbes. #Basis Lab study on Select Fabrics


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